Clear your doubts!

Morgana in Europe

1.5H Photo shoot + Presentation of edited images to choose from + making of video + 5 images digital files.

In the individual photoshoot, 30-40 pre-edited images are presented to select your favorites.

Yes, you can purchase the other images from the photo shoot as extra photos. Each extra photo is worth 60 euros.

The Family Photoshoot is priced at 300 euros for the first person, with an additional 50 dollars for each extra member. 

For example, for a family of 3 members, the total cost of the photoshoot would be 300 + 100 = 400 euros. It will include 5 photos in total.

Morgana has been traveling the world creating Portraits and Pinups since 1994, currently she lives in Los Cabos, and can offer 1 date per year

Over time, her clients affectionately nicknamed Morgana "Fairy" because they consider her work magical.

Morgana has the gift of seeing the beauty of each person in a unique way, surprising the model herself! The images reveal that the experience of the shoot with Morgana is unique and unforgettable.

Morgana will curate a presentation of the photoshoot results, featuring approximately 40 pre-edited images for you to choose your favorites from.

Beyond the photos already included in the package, additional photos can be purchased as "extra photos." Each extra photo is currently priced at 60 euros.

You will receive the images you choose in high resolution digital files. We will send a link to your email to download the acquired image files.

After approximately two week,s we will arrange a meeting with you to show you the results of the photo shoot. Our local representative will make the presentation showing a video clip that will contain the making of the shoot + images pre-edited by Morgana.

You will see approximately 40 images to choose your favorites.

The deadline for delivery of the chosen image files is up to 5 working days.

The samples presented for you to choose from are pre-edited and once chosen, they will be finalized (editing finishing) and then delivered to you by download.